How to Connect your Google Account to n8n

— Juliet Edjere

No-code is an approach to designing and using applications without any coding or knowledge of programming languages.

Google n8n nodes allow you to automate work in Google Sheets, and integrate Google Sheets with other applications. n8n has built-in support for a wide range of Google Sheets features, including creating, updating, deleting, appending, removing and getting documents.

  1. Sign in to Google Cloud Platform using your Google credentials.

  2. Open the Dashboard, and click the CREATE PROJECT button.

  3. Enter the desired project name, and click the CREATE button.

  4. Click the ENABLE APIS AND SERVICES button.

  5. Type the name of the service you would like to use (e.g. Gmail API or Google Sheets API) in the Search for APIs & Services field.

  6. Click the ENABLE button to enable the selected API.

  7. If you haven't used OAuth in your Google Cloud project, you must configure the OAuth consent screen. Go to APIs & Services > OAuth consent screen settings, choose the External option, and click the CREATE button.

    • Select the OAuth consent screen.

    • For User Type, select Internal.

    • Select Create.

    • Enter the essential information: App name, User support email, and the Email addresses field in Developer contact information.

    • Add an authorized domain: select + ADD DOMAIN. Enter if using n8n's Cloud service, or the domain of your n8n instance if you're self-hosting.

  8. Select + CREATE CREDENTIALS > OAuth client ID.

  9. In the Application type dropdown, select Web application.

  10. Under ‘Authorized redirect URIs’, select + ADD URI. Paste in the OAuth redirect URL from n8n. Select CREATE.

Once configured, you can use your credentials to authenticate the following n8n nodes. Most nodes are compatible with OAuth2 authentication. Support for Service Account authentication is limited.

Two authentication methods are available for Google services nodes, OAuth2 and Service Account. n8n recommends using OAuth. It's more widely available and easier to set up. Refer to the Google documentation: Understanding service accounts for guidance on when you need a service account.

In n8n:

  1. Enter your new Client ID and Client Secret from Google Cloud Console in the credentials modal.

  2. Select Sign in with Google to complete your Google authentication.

  3. Save your new credentials.

For the following nodes, you can authenticate by entering the Credentials Name and selecting Sign in with Google in the OAuth section to connect your Google account to n8n:

List of operations the Google Sheets node supports

  • Document

  • Create

    • Delete
  • Sheet within document

    • Append or update: append a new row, or update the current one if it already exists.
    • Clear: clear all data from a sheet
    • Create: create a new sheet
    • Delete: delete columns and rows from a sheet
    • Read rows: read all rows in a sheet.
    • Remove: remove a sheet
    • Update: update rows in a sheet

Refer to Google Sheet's API documentation for more information about the service.


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