How to Coordinate your Team with OKRs (Free Notion Template)

— Juliet Edjere

The goal is optimum productivity and increasing revenue, with an overarching objective that spans different teams. At the end of each Quarter, review and set goals for the next Quarter and then tasks for each.


  • Review company goals: Prior to the start of the quarter.

  • Set a clear vision for the business, including both commercial and product direction

  • Executives will collaborate to discuss the fundamental company objectives.

  • A maximum of 3-5 quarterly objectives will be determined.

  • Get details on each dept everyone’s handling:

    • What are you doing now and what do you plan to have done by certain milestone (as detailed as possible, incl. metrics)
    • What tasks you ‘should’ be handling
    • What you realistically can/cannot handle and needs outsourcing

Some overarching goals

  • Take a company from a concept to a viable, investable company.
  • Navigate market validation,
  • Product development,
  • Commercialisation,
  • Team expansion that can help execute the vision (hiring)

Example tasks

  • Community management (what platform), takeovers, ad management, events, blog, webinars
  • To track metrics like % follower growth/mth, conversion rate, etc)

Free Notion Template


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