Turn Anything into an NFT with NFTPort and OpenSea

— Juliet Edjere

NFTs offer artists the opportunity to sell their work to collectors and other digital creators. Owners or creators stand to receive royalties for the copy or use of the work online.

If you're an art collector, you may be wondering how to mint NFTs to monetize your work if you have no previous blockchain experience.

So What is an NFT?

Quite simply an NFT is a unique digital asset that is not directly replaceable with another digital asset.

It is impossible to replace, copy or fake an NFT exactly, as each one is unique with its own attributes and are authenticated through the blockchain. Therefore, it is non-fungible.

Let’s get into it - this post will guide you through the journey.

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Get an Ethereum wallet

If you want to mint to your own wallet, you will need to provide your own wallet address. You need an Ethereum wallet to use OpenSea.

A crypto wallet is an application or hardware device that allows individuals to store and retrieve digital items.

For this, I recommend Metamask. MetaMask has been the most preferred Ethereum wallet since it came into existence.

MetaMask is a software cryptocurrency wallet used to interact with the Ethereum blockchain. It allows users to access their Ethereum wallet through a browser extension or mobile app, which can then be used to interact with decentralized applications.

Through using a global API, users are able to connect their Ethereum accounts to various applications under the same network.

Easy minting with a single API call

Minting is the process of creating the NFT and adding it into the blockchain. Once added, you will not be able to make any further edits.

If you don’t know how to mint NFTs, retrieve NFT data, create NFT apps, or make NFT API pulls, you can use NFTPort. Using NFTPort minting APIs, you can turn anything into an NFT for free in less than 5 minutes using one simple API call.

NFTPort is a one-stop, simple NFT Infrastructure and APIs for developers to bring NFT applications to market in hours instead of months. NFTPort provides APIs for multi-chain NFT data and easy NFT minting, together with enhanced functionalities for search, recommendations and detecting NFT counterfeits.

To get started, request for a free API key - https://www.nftport.xyz/sign-up:

You can easily mint a single NFT with a single NFT command. With Easy mint, you can mint up to 100 NFTs for free per chain via:

  1. Easy minting w/URL
  2. Easy minting w/file upload

You will need to provide:

  1. A name for your NFT.
  2. A description for your NFT.
  3. The chain where the NFT will be minted. NFTPort recommends Polygon which enables free and green NFT minting.
  4. The wallet address where to mint the NFT. Provide your own Ethereum wallet address from MetaMask to mint your own wallet.
  5. The file URL or upload the file that you want to turn to an NFT. All file types are supported including binary, images, GIFs, videos, audio, documents, text, etc.

After minting, the NFT will appear in the specified wallet.

Sell and trade your NFTs on OpenSea

NFTs are easy to buy and sell on an online marketplace such as the largest NFT marketplace: OpenSea.

The process of creating an NFT in OpenSea is a simple one.

  1. Create a collection. Go to the profile section → “My Collections.” → “Create a Collection”.
  2. Select collection
  3. Edit collection settings to your liking - upload your collection logo, featured image, and banner image, add the name, OpenSea URL for your collection, description, and category
  4. For Blockchain choose Polygon
  5. Click Add New Item to create a new NFT

Also, add all the social media links and your website link.

Read this detailed article on how to sell an NFT on OpenSea.

To sell an NFT in OpenSea, navigate to the profile section. The NFT that you have created will be visible in your profile alongside a “Sell” button on the top right of the page.

Now you have a solid foundation for creating NFTs and bringing your NFT ideas to life with a single API call.


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