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This post was correct at the time of publishing. Most of these details may change overtime.

Build Time: 1 Day Tools: Figma, Behance, Carrd

Stepping away from the traditional cv template and LinkedIn profile, I decided to bring my CV to life and boost my online presence. I set out to build a one-page site and by default, I decided to use Sadly, announced via a statement on their home page that they'll be shutting down their services on December 31, 2022.

Next up - Making a choice between Unicorn Platform, Carrd and Umso. Choosing Carrd was a no-brainer considering the versatility of the root domain. Carrd provides the options of, and I'd recommend sticking with a familiar root domain that is easy to spell, remember, and compliments your subdomain.

Created with Figma *

Step 1: Get Inspired

Pinterest and Behance always top the charts for portfolio inspiration. Ideally, by default, I started the search with Behance. My goals were:

  • Clean yet unique design
  • Fast page-load speeds
  • Show some personality
  • Content blocks to show off projects and skills
  • Make it easy for users to contact

Here's a thread on mind-blowing portfolios for your perusal:

Step 2: Design a Logo

Staying true to my goals, I wanted a simple yet slick logo using my name in a decorative style. Using Figma, I came a with quite a number of variations of the 'handwriting' font style and settled with:

        Font: Tangerine, White, Black         Font Style: Regular         Font Colours: #FF7D41 #000000 #FFFFFF

Step 3: Design the hero section

This was my chance to show some personality. The focus was to pass a relatable but original message that communicates how I can help. I started with selecting an image for the background. I wanted a black-and-white website with a touch of colour.

This was quickly followed by details about me, services offered, tools used and showcases.

The first-person language used was specifically chosen to paint a picture of speaking to the reader directly.

View the live site here: ⬇

Jouliette | Portfolio

*I settled with


I'm Juliet 'Hiri' Edjere, a no-code expert focused on design, business development, and building scalable solutions with minimal coding knowledge.

I document all things product stories, MVP validation, and how designs, data, and market trends connect to one another.

In our world where innovation knows no boundaries, and creativity reigns supreme, no-code is a game-changer in today's tech landscape. Whether you're a developer looking to expand your skill set or a beginner curious about creating without writing a single line of code, you will learn from practical examples, and explore the possibilities of no-code technology. Together, we'll navigate the tools, platforms, and strategies – one blog post at a time!

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