How to Conduct Effective User Research (Free Notion Template)

— Juliet Edjere

💡 Conduct user research sessions to build empathy for users and to gain insight that will drive feature development.

Don't impose your solution on interviewees. Listen to their problems by asking open-ended questions.

1. Proposal

Find an opportunity where user research would substantially help the company develop a product or feature.

2. Find Candidate Users

You can find candidates for user research. Explain why you chose them. Update list in

3. Interview Question Database

  • State the Initial Problem - "We believe that ..."

  • Ask to Validate the Problem - "Do you experience this problem, or is there a better way to describe the problem that you face?"

  • Did you or have you considered ...

  • Ask to Describe Any Existing Solutions - "What tools or systems do you use today to address this problem?"

    "How do you address the problem in your day-to-day activities?" "What do you use now to address this need?"

  • Briefly describe your Potential solution - "We are developing a ... to ..."

  • Ask if Your Solution Solves the Problem - "Does this solution solve the problem that we discussed, and do you have any ideas on how it could be improved?"

  • This problem we’ve identified, is it a real problem for you?

  • How big of a problem?

  • Would you pay to solve it?

  • What are the existing options to solve it? Have you tried them? How do they fall short for you?

  • What do you think of our proposed solution?

  • Does it strike you as a great solution to the problem?

  • Would you pay for our solution?

  • Any sense of how much you’d be happy paying for it?

Free Notion Template


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